Charli & Jake's Engagement Party

The saying goes “good things take time” and that certainly was the case with our engagement party! Due to our plan of having a long engagement, we decided to push our celebrations out to the following year (2018). That way it was a little closer to the wedding date, breaking up the wait and also giving us time to enjoy being engaged (which I highly recommend, by the way!).

I love organising a good party (or few), so there was no hesitation in deciding that we would throw a wee shindig with our nearest and dearest in honour of our exciting news. Trouble was, where to start?! Thankfully I had already prepared a blog on Engagement Party Planning (you can read it here). Using these tips and my previous party knowledge, we were away!


Date & Venue

We chose our party date (02.06.18) as it was one year after Jake proposed. This conveniently fell on Queen's Birthday Weekend, allowing an extra day off for anyone travelling (Tip: always consider guest logistics when planning an event, it will definitely be appreciated) and a recovery day for us. Given the fact it was also winter (and likely to be raining), we wanted a venue that was cozy, inviting and private. We settled on Horse & Trap, a 100 year old Heritage building not far from our home. The exposed brick, big timber beams and hanging lights complimented our cocktail party vision perfectly and the space (The Loft) had its own access with a private bar and bathrooms for guests.


Food & Drink

As we were on a budget, we had to choose between between providing food or beverages. After much discussion, we went with the food and put on numerous platters, breads/dips and pizzas throughout the night that the venue prepared (Tip: when providing food, make sure to have vege/vegan/gluten-free/dairy-free options available for your guests).I also enlisted the lovely Courtney Lee Cakery to create personalised cookies for the evening. We chose vanilla cookies with salted caramel icing, so good! I highly recommend opting for the gold splash, it really makes those babies POP!Our gorgeous cake was made by the talented Melissa at Karaka Kitchen. After meeting Melissa on a C&C shoot and tasting her cupcakes, I just had to have her create our cake! We chose dark chocolate and raspberry flavour and it did not disappoint. In fact, it was so delicious that the whole cake got eaten on the night!I LOVED our adorable Disney Castle Cake Topper! A little nod to the proposal right there 💍🏰💖

Theme & Decorations

The theme of the party was white, gold and florals. As I am a designer, I chose to create invitations for the event, printing a few for family members and distributing the rest digitally via an online platform RSVPify. This is a great tool that allows you to create fully-customisable RSVP forms, housing your guest details and party count. All I had to do was enter our guests email addresses, attach my invite and RSVPify would email them a link to a landing page where they could accept or decline our invitation - easy!AliExpress was also a huge help when sticking to the budget. I purchased most of our decorations from there (leave a comment below if you’d like me to provide the links), as well as my good friends Kmart and Look Sharp.Amazingly, I was lucky enough to win both a photo booth AND a flower wall for the event! Big thanks to my gorgeous Bridesmaid Stacey for her nomination, winning me the beautiful flower wall from Blooms With Gi I’d always imagined/hoped would make an appearance at the party. Ellie from Modo Booth was so kind, even staying on later to accommodate the booth’s popularity! These two were a winning combination, with everyone getting in on the action at some stage throughout the night.


Engagement party setup

The Final Touches

To accompany our party I created two Spotify playlists. The first consisted of slower, chilled songs perfect for mixing and mingling and the second, a more upbeat, party compilation filled with bangers guaranteed to keep the dance floor going.

On the evening, we opted to say a few words to thank everyone for attending. I prepared a small speech and delivered this with Jake beside me (I am definitely more speech-inclined than Jake!). Special shout out goes to Kelly, another of my gorgeous Bridesmaids, who travelled all the way from FLORIDA to attend the party!

Last, but definitely not least - my incredible Bridesmaid Adele from White Locket Boutique Photography was there to capture the evening! If you are considering a photographer for your engagement party, definitely don't hesitate. The night goes so fast, you'll treasure the memories they capture! Thank you, Adele xo

We had such an amazing night celebrating with our family and friends and would do it all again in a heartbeat (oh wait, we are at the WEDDING!). It gave everyone the opportunity to meet and get to know each other ahead of the big day and Jake and I a reason to relive the engagement all over again! 


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