Hen's Night Party Games

Organising your friend’s bridal shower can involve a lot of pressure to make sure everyone has an amazing time. You want it to be fun and memorable, especially for the bride.

Games are a great way to get everyone interacting, especially if there are some people attending who don’t know each other. They are also a bit of a hen’s do tradition—I think I would feel like something was missing if I went to a bachelorette party without one!

To help you out, we’ve prepared a list of our favourite bridal shower games. Hopefully you find a few that will suit your bride and group.

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Introduction / memory game

This is a good one to get everyone chatting and a way to introduce each other at the beginning of the evening. Have all the attendees write a short memory or funny story about the bride and place it in a bowl. Have the bride read each one out and have her guess who wrote it.

Test the bride!

How much does your bride know about her fiancee? Prepare a set of questions (ranging from easy to difficult) and ask the groom for his answers prior to the bachelorette party. Put each question and answer on a piece of paper and place them in an envelope.

Pass the envelope around and each person attending asks the bride a question from the envelope. If the bride gets the answer right, the asker takes a drink or does a challenge. If she gets it wrong, the bride does. This could be done based on points or without the challenges if you would prefer.

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Hen’s night ‘pin the tail on the donkey’

Have a poster of the bride’s favourite actor or musician up on the wall and a blindfold at the ready (those cute eye sleep masks are perfect!). Ask everyone to re-apply their lippy and take turns to see who can aim the best kiss on the poster. If you are looking for something more R18, I'm sure you can adjust the target for kissing, or go with pinning a different kind of 'tail'.

Hip thrust relay

Pop a tennis ball at the end of one leg of an old pair of stockings/tights. Tie the other leg around your waist with the ball hanging down between your legs. Who can do their best hip thrusting to get an object across the room with the tennis ball? This one can be a fun team game if you do it in the form of a relay.

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Banned words!

At the beginning of the hen’s party, decide on 3-5 banned words that people aren’t allowed to say for the rest of the night. Consider things like fiancee, dress, drink, or even wedding. Decide what the penalty will be for saying the words — a drink, a challenge etc.

Exes charades

This one might need to be saved for later in the night. Write a list of all the bride’s exes and have her friends do traditional charades to help the bride guess which of the exes they are acting out. Warning! It could be brutal!

Hen's night party games NZ

Story time

It’s your chance to make some predictions about the bride’s wedding night or future and have a laugh. Everyone needs a paper and a pen, and will be answering a short prompt or question. We suggest prompts that form a story like: ‘his nickname’, ‘her outfit’, ‘their position’, ‘the location’, ‘what interrupted them’, ‘the finale’. People answer each question or prompt with a prediction, fold their paper over, and then pass it on.

As the paper is passed along and each person writes a line, an unpredictable story is formed — reading them out at the end is hilarious! If you don’t want to embarrass the bride too much, you could call this one ‘write your own erotic fiction’ to leave the bride out of it.

Bra pong

This one is a cute variation on beer pong! String some bras up on the back of a door - small ones at the top and larger ones down the bottom. Split everyone into two teams and see who can get the most ping pong balls into the cups of the bras! Having a different ping pong ball colour for each team will make this one easier to judge.

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Treasure hunt or challenges

A classic. If you’re going out on the town afterwards, ask all the attendees to suggest a challenge for the bride when you go out and get her to tick them all off before she can go home. As an alternative, you could turn it into a photo treasure hunt, where she has to get photos with people or things. The photo option leaves you with some hilarious mementos for the bride to keep.

Advice for the bride

Before the night begins make up some little cards and get everyone to write some advice to the bride on the cards. If you do this activity after people have had a few drinks, everyone will hopefully be more honest and open with their advice which is always nice (and sometimes hilarious!).

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