7 top tips for managing wedding stress

1. Delegate

We cannot say the 'D' word enough. It's your best friend and you definitely should not be afraid of doing it as much as possible!  When it's your big day, you want to it be everything you imagined—so we can understand why it might be difficult to let go of some aspects of organisation. But if you're feeling stressed (or have a tendency to worry), we recommend delegating as much as possible! You will probably find that your friends and family will love being involved. Think about the following when delegating wedding tasks.
Seek out the right kind of people for the right jobs.

Consider people's skillsets and how much you trust them (you don't want delegation to make you more stressed).

Use a targeted approach

Asking a specific individual is more likely to garner a helpful response than sending out a group message to people who can hide behind waiting for others to respond.

Your bridal party aren't just there to look pretty on the day

Hopefully you've chosen supportive people who want to help you and make your life easier. Don't be afraid to ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to pick up the table linen or help put the wedding favours together.

2. Appoint a chief organiser that is not in the bridal party

On your wedding day, you do not want to be responsible for anything except walking to the end of the aisle! If something goes wrong (weather issues, florist goes to wrong location, something is spilt somewhere it shouldn't be), you need a person who can handle the heat and get stuff done without you even needing to know about it.

3. Start planning early

We know this one is easier said than done. But if it can be done six months or a year out, you may as well get it out of the way! Especially when it comes to the busy wedding season, wedding vendors are crazy busy and decoration hire or venues end up fully booked. So write a big list, get in early, and nail the important things as soon as possible. We have a great blog on the first things you should do once you are engaged which you can check out here.

Wedding planning  

4. Keep everything wedding-related in one place

It's great to have a wedding planner and there are some awesome ones out there on the market now to purchase. As well as writing lists and using a wedding planner, we also recommend some kind of folder for other material. Have all vendor details, quotes, and agreements in one place which is easy for you as a couple (and anyone you've delegated to) to find important numbers or information. You could also store wedding ideas here (or you could just create a shared wedding board on Pinterest!).

5. Look after yourself

This is not a time to stop doing the things you love even though you're super busy and focussed on the wedding… It can be easy to forget to stop and smell the roses (even when you're busy picking out bouquets!). Have fun while you're wedding planning; for example, make a day of it with your fiancée when you're checking out wedding venues. Also: keep up a healthy exercise routine, get enough sleep, and spend some quality time with your fiancée not talking about the wedding. If you're really feeling the stress, maybe try your hand at yoga or meditation—or just sit down and have a good chat to a friend over a glass of wine.

6. Communicate

Sometimes weddings can end up in disagreements. The guest list, which traditions to include in the ceremony, and the budget are all big topics which can result in some tense conversations. We think it's best to confront these early and head on—listen and communicate openly (and gently) with people involved.

Hopefully with honest and upfront communication, compromises can be reached and everyone can be happy. But if not, you may just need to remind people whose wedding it is and move on.


7. Don't sweat the small stuff

Again, this can be easier said than done. At the end of the day, what matters is that you walk out married to the love of your life. We recommend you and your fiancée decide what's important to you early on so later down the track you don't get too caught up in the finer details. In 10 years time, no one will remember the napkin colours were slightly the wrong pink (trust us on this one).