Wedding vendor love: Let's Say I Do

Saying, I do?

Auckland marriage celebrant Mikayla Zandstra AKA 'Let's Say I Do' is a down-to-earth, open-minded millennial with a beautiful ethos behind her approach to weddings.

We asked Mikayla about herself, her perspective on Kiwi weddings, and if she has any advice for couples looking for the right person to marry them.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I'm a twenty something, originally from Tauranga now living in Auckland. I work full time as an in house legal counsel Monday to Friday and my weekends are of course saved for weddings! I love the beach, any activities that involve water, going for weekend walks with my friends, a good soy flat white, hanging out with my besties and I absolutely love a Friday night platter!

What was your motivation to become a wedding celebrant?

I have always been a big sucker for LOVE (I cry watching random peoples wedding videos), so naturally I had a secret obsession with weddings! I started to attend a few weddings of friends and I watched the celebrants with interest and thought I could do that - I love talking and I'm pretty alright at writing (given my weekday job). I then googled a few celebrants and saw that the average age was quite high (no disrespect to these folk because lots of them are AWESOME) but I thought that I could bring a fresh approach to celebrancy and add some 'millinialness' (is that even a word?) to a wedding ceremony.


Marriage celebrant

Do you have a favourite moment as celebrant you could share with us?

I don't have one single moment! But my favourite moment during each ceremony is when the bride walks down the aisle and I look at the groom! I know it's super cliche but that raw emotion is not like anything else and if he sheds a tear, you better believe I'm usually shedding one too (although I do try and keep it in). At a wedding I officiated at last week, all the groomsmen were even shedding tears! That just says it all! There was so much love in the room!

It seems like the importance of the celebrant can sometimes be overlooked by brides and grooms to be in the process of wedding planning—can you explain the importance of the celebrant to the wedding day?

I'm obviously bias but to me the celebrant is the most important person you need to think about on your wedding day! You need to pick carefully and make sure you vibe with your celebrant. If you have an awesome celebrant then they will set the tone for the rest of the day! Awesome celebrant = awesome ceremony.

The ceremony is where you legally get married, it is why you are having a wedding! But a lot of the time all everyone is waiting for is the reception. If you have a ceremony full of laughs, tears and fun then the ceremony will be the main event (like it should be) and people will be talking about it during the reception and for years to come!  Because believe me: no one is going to be talking about the after party (it's a party!!) - it doesn't last. But the ceremony should have a lasting impression on your guests!

What is the advice you would give to couples who are trying to pick a celebrant?

Pick someone you and your partner vibe with!! Pick someone who you know is going to tell your story the way you want it to be told! I suggest meeting up with your celebrant before locking them in, you'll know straight away if you 'click' with them and equally they'll know if they 'click' with you! Your celebrant should feel like a long lost friend (because you will become friends with all the texts / emails you share) and on the day your guests should feel like the celebrant has known you two for years!

Which two people would you LOVE to marry?

I would love to marry Art and Matilda! Those two just make me laugh and I love their vibe! 

If you want to check out more from Let's Say I Do, you can visit Mikayla's website or follow her on Instagram.