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Think Pink Clay Face Mask

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Think Pink is a gorgeous, gentle Pink Clay face mask powder that's great for dry and sensitive skin.

Handmade in small batches by Sea + Clay in Whangarei, the mask is a purifying and cleansing pink clay mixture in a premium 50g frosted glass bottle.

Pink Clay is rich in minerals including Silica. Silica is a natural anti-inflammatory that helps relieve skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Pink Clay masks help to restore and replenish skin with moisture, draw out impurities and lightly exfoliate the complexion with its slightly grainy texture.

Combine equal parts powder with purified water. Mix up well and apply evenly to skin and leave on for 10 to 30 minutes. We recommend 10 minutes for sensitive skin. Moisten mask and wipe off face gently. Pat dry and follow with a moisturizer.

Ingredients: bentonite clay, kaolin clay, french pink clay