Our Values

Supporting Local Businesses

We love supporting other New Zealand businesses. Being a start-up ourselves, we really understand the importance of sourcing locally and putting our money into the right places. Plus you can't beat the uniqueness and quality of Kiwi-made. Even our pine wood boxes are made locally in Auckland!

Beautiful, Quality Products

We believe in creating gifts that last, with products that will actually be used. There’s no point in giving junk that only looks pretty in the box! Everything from the quality of our packaging to the scent of our products has been carefully thought about and selected.

Environmentally Friendly

Our impact on the planet is not something we take lightly. As well as sourcing local, quality products, we're working towards making our packaging and products are as eco-friendly as possible. You will receive your package in a compostable mailer or recycled cardboard box. Our wooden gift boxes are made of recycled NZ pine.

Celebrating Friendships

It’s so special to be able to send someone a thoughtful gift that says "I appreciate you". Big occasions like weddings and birthdays are a perfect opportunity, but so are the days when you just want to remind them how amazing they are. We want to help you celebrate the people who mean the most. This is why we do what we do.