Increase your bridal party size with these cost saving tips


Sometimes you just can't choose between your besties! These are the girls who have been through it all with you, so it's understandable you want them to be by your side on your big day. But when you're on a budget, it can be difficult to stretch out your bridal party size to incorporate everyone. Adding just one more person can mean another several hundred dollars spent on your bridal party! Read on for our top tips on how to spend less on your bridal party so you can have more of them.

Choose their own dress

Ask the girls to choose their own dresses but specify the colour (or colour scheme). That way, the bridesmaids can pay for their own dresses without you feeling the guilt - they’ll be able to pick a style they will wear again. Check out our blog on this for more tips on letting your bridesmaids choose their dresses. This also works for their bridesmaid shoes and jewellery!

Give gift boxes

Kill two birds with one stone when it comes to bridesmaid proposals! The concept of the bridesmaid proposal is so beautiful — you get to celebrate how much your girls mean to you and make them feel extra special. But giving gifts to say "be my bridesmaid?" can add a cost. So if you're on a budget, ask them to be your bridesmaid with practical things they can use on the day (like a bridesmaid robe!).

Bridesmaid boxes can also be a lovely way to say ‘thank you’ for all you've done on the big day or the night before your wedding. If you choose beautiful gifts your girls can use for the wedding and after, you get the best of both worlds. If you’re going to ask the girls to wear a special lipstick colour or earrings, why not pop these in the  gift box as well?

Hair on a budget

Choose a low-cost hair option. A simple twist or braid on one side with hair down suits almost all hair types (including long and short) and won’t cost a bomb like a fancy curled hair-up. Does one of your bridesmaids have some talent in the hair (or even make up) department? Even better.

Create your own bouquets

Alternative bouquets are all the rage right now — and some of them are super cheap! Paper or material flowers, balloons, wreaths, a single long stemmed flower, or even lanterns or books! There is definitely something out there that will fit your wedding theme and cost way less than full flower bouquets. Get your bridal party to put their creative hats on (or get their craft supplies out) and make something totally unique.

Keep it simple

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Does the bridal party really need matching manicures, earrings, shoes, or spray tans? Think about what will be important to you on the day and what you will remember. It’s easy to get caught up in matching everything perfectly and arranging your bridal party ‘just so’. Write a list of your top priorities and see where these things sit.