You’re engaged! Now what?


Take a breath, enjoy this time.

We know you’re excited, but before you share the news with the world and put it on social media, we recommend you share it with your nearest and dearest in person first — or at least by phone call! They’ll appreciate the personal touch and you’ll get to relive the proposal and the happiness with each important person.

Once you have managed to contact your family and close friends, then go ahead and put the announcement on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube — whatever takes your fancy! You're now offically a bride-to-be! 

Size your ring

If your ring isn’t a perfect fit, get it sized as soon as possible. You don’t want that baby slipping off and you also don’t want it cutting off your circulation. Most jewellers should be able to size your ring for you without difficulty. You might find that if you take the ring back to the place where the purchaser bought it from, they will do it for free!

Has the person who bought the ring got it insured? If not, this should be done as a priority. Depending on the ring's value and your current insurance policy, it may either be automatically insured under your contents policy or you might need to specify it as an add-on. If you don't have contents insurance, there are some great options out there just for insuring your favourite things.


We recommend the next step is to sit down with your partner and talk about the kind of wedding you want and your budget (before you book or plan anything) — even the engagement party. With a budget firmly in mind, including where the money is coming from and who is contributing to what, you can start getting into the real wedding planning!

Make a list of what is most important to you both, and what you want your wedding to be like. Consider also making a list of the things that aren’t important to you. Keep these lists safe. When it gets closer to the wedding and you start stressing about the cake topper, looking back at this list will help you keep things in perspective.


Now you can get planning! Seal the deal on the big stuff first. We recommend your first steps include:

Set a date! (or consider a range of dates that might work for you so you can take these options to your wedding venues) Book the ceremony location Book the reception location Figure out how many guests you can cater for in your budget and will fit at the venue — then write the guest list Decide theme or colour palette Select your ideal bridal party Decide on (and even book) your honeymoon: booking in advance is likely to be cheaper!

With these big things decided, other things can fall into place and you’ll have a decent picture of how you would like your wedding to go ahead. You can also delegate more easily to family and the bridal party. Invites, bridesmaid proposals or bridal party gifts, the celebrant, the dress, and the décor will all follow.

Congratulations and good luck! Don’t forget to take a step back and enjoy soaking it all in.